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A I S L E  R U N N E R S

ANT 04

ANT 06

ANT 08

wedding aisle runners

ANT 12

custom wedding aisle runner

ANT 11

ANT 05

ANT 09

ANT 07

aisle runners

ANT 02

ANT 03

ANT 10

aisle runner

Antique / Vintage Designs

ANT 13

ANT 01

This catalog is just a small sampling of our work to give you an idea of what can be done, but most of our orders are custom designed just for the client.  We look forward to designing the perfect aisle runner for you!

*All designs are meticulously painted by hand onto each aisle runner

*Order exactly as shown or modify to change font, layout, colors

*Add genuine Swarovski TM  crystals, glitter, painted borders, end designs, etc. as everything can be customized

*Design can be placed anywhere on the  aisle runner

*Choose any paint color, & as many colors as you wish without a change in price.

*We can do a custom aisle runner design that's just for you!

*Contact us today to get started!


   Tel.  516 . 551 . 7417