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A quality aisle runner is not only the star of the ceremony decor, but it can be used again at the reception.  You can use it to decorate the entry into the ballroom, suspend it from a balcony, drape it over the cake table, hang it on the wall, or display it with a pen and use it as a sign in "book".   And you can even use it again when you have it beautifully framed to hang on the wall in your new home.    If you purchase a quality product, you will able to use it for more than just a few minutes at the ceremony.  How many other items from your wedding will you be able to look at every single day for many years to come?

You don't need much more than a quality aisle runner to dress up your ceremony!  It goes the entire length of the aisle and completely transforms the space, in addition to keeping your dress off the floor.  Add borders, and you don't need rose petals!  Add hand painted florals, and you don't need flowers!  Add crystals, and you have sparkle!  The aisle runner gives you a big bang for your buck.

C U S T O M  W E D D I N G  A I S L E  R U N N E R  C AT A L O G

None of these designs are quite right?

Wedding aisle runners

Our custom wedding aisle runners are designed and painted by hand just for you.   Each is produced one-at-a-time with care, utilizing quality materials, superior creativity, and the utmost pride in workmanship.    Add extra details to the aisle runner like glitter, crystals, or borders, to make it just as you wish.    Quality wedding aisle runners can be saved and framed as a special keepsake and remembrance of your wedding day for years to come.

Wedding aisle runner


Looking to save on costs?

non slip aisle runners

Not sure you need one?

World''s only 

Add an exquisite, hand painted piece of art to your ceremony!

That's no problem - we can custom design something just for you!  This catalog is just a small sampling of our work over the years.  Tell us your ideas, or use one of these designs as a starting point for your unique custom aisle runner.  The custom design service is included in the price and we can work with you to incorporate the aisle runner seamlessly into your design vision. 

aisle runners
Great Gatsby wedding aisle runner
Wedding aisle runners
crystal aisle runners
custom aisle runners
Wedding aisle runners
Non slip aisle runner
Aisle runner
Aisle runner
wedding aisle runners
non slip aisle runners